Where do I start?

Apps: Where do I start? Had this question again yesterday – wanted to share the answer… TRANSCRIPTION FOLLOWS: Where to start Okay, so, I had a great conversation with a client yesterday who had very early stage concept about a ...
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App Developer Site hacked

To any of our customers, and other interested parties- As you may know Apple developer site was recently hacked. As a result there are some significant delays getting Apps approved / uploaded. Whilst we do not have any clear dates ...
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Will this disrupt the Smart Phone market?

Nokia have been a fading force in the mobile space for some time, and despite recent increase in sales, there is no way to ignore the fact that at this point in time, the mobile phone market is predominantly a ...
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Facebook App integration is changing-

This is an important note to anyone who is integrating their mobile Apps with Facebook. Facebook are changing their rules (again), and this may effect your Apps ability to integrate with Facebook - please refer to the link below for ...
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Rookie App Mistakes: #1

Don't get expert advise  Without getting expert advise, Rookies are just inviting trouble. The problem is that most Rookie’s think that the developers are the experts - but in most cases developers have no experience at all in producing commercially ...
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