App Developer Site hacked


Apple Developer site hacked

Will this disrupt the Smart Phone market?


Nokia have been a fading force in the mobile space for some time, and despite recent increase in sales, there is no way to ignore the fact that at this point in time, the mobile phone market is predominantly a two horse race between Apple and Android based phones…

Facebook App integration is changing-

Facebook are changing their App integration rules – are you ready?


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Im a bit of a geek when it comes to hifi, and although Im not an expert on speaker design, I was impressed with this Apple EarPod video. Shows the lengths, the detail, and the commitment to improving this critical element in their product line – the humble earphones- now re-branded as EarPods. Click on the image […]

What is a product anyway?


Before individuals, solo-preneurs, entepreneurs, and small-businesses can make products, they need to first ask- What is a product anyway? You can view this blog in PDF form. The Cambridge dictionary describes ‘product’ as: something that is made to be sold, usually something that is produced by an industrial process or, less commonly, something that is grown or […]

Critical Ingredient for Growth is?


A recent business survey confirms the same, with over 91% of Senior Executives believing that generating growth through innovation is essential for success in their industry. This is based on a wide survey which includes Companies from over 50 Countries around the world.

So if most business leaders around the world all agree Innovation is the critical ingredient to growth – we must ask the question – where do we find it?

The App Journey


The Age of the Apps – in less than 5 years a new media has dominated the personal communication space. This graphic illustrates this rapid rise beautifully, but perhaps the most intriguing aspect – is what the predictions are for the next couple of years. Exciting reading!            

Ideas for an App

IdeasforanApp-Logo This nifty little tool from those geeks at Google, allows you the cunning entrepreneur to get ahead of the curve. With a little help from Google it’s easy (and free) to find out which trends are growing. As a result of that, its possible to piggy-back on this insider hot info, by creating an App […]

The App Challenge

Winners of the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge are eligible for cash prizes. Support for cash prizes and the administration of the Challenge by CFSI and D2D come from the Ford Foundation, Omidyar Network, and the Citi Foundation. Submissions for the IdeaBank can be entered until August 1. Entries for the App Design Challenge are accepted until August […]

PowerPoint is dead, long live the iPad…


To Microsoft’s credit they have created a piece of software so prevalent that a ‘PowerPoint’ presentation has become a generic term. In reality many are turning to other, perhaps better solutions to deliver their so-called PowerPoint presentations. Apple, unsurprisingly have their own solution ‘Keynote’ is perhaps unsurprisingly again, arguable a much superior solution, whilst ultimately […]